Ways to Make Team Meetings More Effective

Meetings are a great avenue to engage team members, allow them to air their concerns, make decisions, solve problems, and motivate better performance. However, when meetings are executed poorly, they can make employees feel exhausted rather than inspired. Make your next meeting more effective and engaging with these pointers: 1. Prepare. Employees hate disjointed rumblings,

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Four Best Practices for Hiring the Right Employees

Do you often find yourself losing more employees each month? Are you tired of having to hire new ones just to fill in their roles? What else can you do aside from investigating the main reason for your high turnover rate? Your employees are the backbone of your company. Your business will find it hard

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Cloud storage

The Cloud — What It is and How You’re Already Using It

Over the past years, a buzzword in tech circles has reached the mainstream — the cloud. While the name evokes ethereal meanings, it’s just a term used for remote servers that can store your data or run programs outside your computer. It might seem complex, but you’ve probably been using the cloud over the past

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How to Safely Dispose of Waste Oil

Waste oil is a term for oil contaminated with substances. It’s usually collected from cars and other machines that use oil to operate. Dirt, metal scrapings, and chemicals get mixed in with oil and weaken its performance. When this happens, it’s necessary to replace it with virgin or re-refined oil so it can do its

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girl with piggy bank

KonMari Budget: 4 Steps to Spark Joy in Your Financial Health

Grab your wallet. Open it. See what’s inside. Does it spark joy? Sometimes, you find yourself filled with financial regret. As much as you liked that one last big purchase you made, in the end, it made you feel guilty, remembering that you could’ve used that money towards something more practical. You could’ve probably bought

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Green hops

Put Your Leftover Hops to Good Use with These Four Alternative Uses

If you’ve ever tried your hand at making your first home-brewed infusion, the results might not have come out as you’d expected. Maybe now you’re wondering what else you can do with the spare ingredients. So grab that bag of German Bavaria mandarina and check out these intriguing alternative uses for your leftover hops. Inducing

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shawarma plate

Quick Bites: Full Meals of the Fast-paced World

You see different sandwich shop franchises all around you. They provide something that is easy to eat for busy people who are always on the go. This is a meal you can have anywhere, whether you are standing or sitting on a bench. It is easy to handle and usually not messy. You do not need a

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new homeowners

5 Simple Ways to Come Up with a Home Down Payment

Every American dream includes becoming a homeowner one day, but costly down payments on houses make it a pipe dream for many. Lenders usually ask for as much as 20% down payment of the price of a home. If you pay less than that, you risk being put under private mortgage insurance (PMI). This protects

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working on a laptop

Business Ideas for People Who Don’t Like People

It’s not that you’re totally anti-social. Maybe you simply prefer deep, meaningful conversations. It’s not that you hate being around people. Perhaps you just function better when left alone. Such are the mysterious quirks of introverts. In a society that rewards extroversion, these people often find it difficult to thrive in the modern workplace. The

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retirement money concept

3 Strategies to Make your Retirement Money Last

Money issues are the biggest concerns for retirees whose consistent income stream may be limited. All that you have and all that you live off from is the money you earned from retirement. But with healthcare expenses growing bigger each day and other factors getting in the way, going broke is a huge fear that

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