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online presence

Building a Powerful Online Presence

There is no denying the fact that the digital era has dominated the lives of most people. The business sector is not exempted from this. Businesses vie for consumers’ attention by building an online presence. Being visible online can help an entrepreneur reach customers and potential ones. With more people now spending most of their

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man discussing sustainability

How to Bring Sustainability to Your Small Business While Maintaining Profits

As we enter the ‘20s and potentially a new era for the global environment, more businesses than ever are adopting measures to become more eco-friendly and reduce their environmental impact. Not only is there a growing acceptance of social responsibility among organisations, but most have come to realise that consumers prefer and support sustainable business.

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accounting graphs

Cutting Your Business Costs Increases Sales and Profitability

Utility and operational costs make up more than 60% of your business operations. Business insurance, for example, goes up 10% to 20% a year. If you look at your expenses and profit, you will notice that a big chunk of your money goes to utility bills. You can cut down on these energy, water, and Internet

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people at an office space

Outsourcing HR Functions: Knowing the Benefits

Among the busiest departments in any business is the human resources department. They do a lot of things on top of recruiting talents. They are also in charge of conducting exit interviews, planning projects that will increase employee retention, and spearhead activities that will cultivate company culture. As a businessperson, there might have been times

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child custody

How to Help Children Adjust After a Divorce

Divorcing spouses might see divorce as a getaway from adverse circumstances. But for the children, it is the separation of their parents and a significant change in their home life. Children experience plenty of negative emotions as their parents go through a divorce. While helping them cope through the proceedings is the best way to

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agent and client

Build a Buyer Persona with These Five Easy Steps

It is no secret that marketing a business is hard these days. You need money and time. You need resources to build a website, fill it up with relevant content, and place it high on Google’s search results. If you feel that your marketing messages are falling on deaf ears, it’s because your messages aren’t

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Greener Buildings

Modern Solutions for Greener Buildings

Climate change is a big issue right now and big corporations need to put their money in the right programs and conservation projects. Modern technology has made green buildings possible. Modern green buildings are energy efficient and beneficial to their immediate surroundings. Harnessing Natural Light Every office needs light and one source that is both

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How to Live Better According to Lawyers

Do you have a lawyer? Maybe you’ve never even reached out to one because you’ve never felt like you needed to in your life. But with their vast understanding of the inner workings of what makes our world tick, consulting a lawyer for some advice can make your life much easier. Check out these tidbits

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electric bill

Clever Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills This Winter Season

Winter is almost here. You can feel it on your face when you go out for a run in the morning. The air is crisp, and there’s something in the air—something that tells you that winter is just around the corner. But with it come also the inevitable rising energy bills caused by our need

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woman with an air conditioner

Air: The Weightless Wonder That Does Heavy Lifting

One of the most powerful movers (literally) of the industry is weightless air. When harnessed properly, air can move heavy machinery and stop trains at their tracks. Air is everywhere and its uses in multiple industries and everyday life might surprise you. Under Pressure The air in its normal state isn’t that impressive aside from

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online presence

There is no denying the fact that the digital era has dominated the lives of most

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